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5Line Capital - The Easy Way to Daytrading Thanks to the Bitcoin Crypto Currency

The typical investor looks partly desperately for an alternative to the classical investment, is slain however with the offer of the Internets. The typical investor looks partly desperately for an alternative to the classical investment, is slain however with the offer of the Internets.

Bitcoin Trade - The Problem

In the past there were many programs, no matter whether Lending portals, ICO ́s or other HYIP ́s, which were not suitable for a long-term investment. The typical investor looks partly desperately for an alternative to the classical investment, is slain however with the offer of the Internets. Often one invests in a "black sheep" and the deposited funds have partially or in the worst case completely disappeared. A reasonable investment strategy requires however much time, tests and know-how which the at least humans apart from the classical working life can spare. In this article we would like to give you some basic information about the project 5Line Capital.

Please keep in mind that this project is still in the process of development and cannot be guaranteed that all processes or functions mentioned will also be available at the end.

5Line Capital - The Solution

5Line offers a solution for this problem. 5Line Capital analyzes strategies, evaluates traders, tests EA ́s (Expert Advisor) and sorts out the black sheep. This creates a solid investment basis on which 5Line Capital is built. An important point for every investor is the so-called diversification (risk sharing), which is exactly where 5Line would like to start. With the so-called Index Investment you simultaneously invest in a large number of different investment types. Comparable to a stock fund at a bank.

We consciously say that 5Line Capital is a solution, but not the (only) solution. Expertise & Investment opportunities are packaged into a modern web application to provide you with a simple yet professional investment. Investments are already accepted from 90 US dollars once.

Investments already starting from 90 US Dollar

Trading and investment on Bitcoin basis

5Line Capital accepts only the crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC), trades with BTC and pays only in Bitcoin (BTC). Thus, 5Line is currently not subject to regulation and licensing. However, we would like to point out that you must pay tax on your profits within the framework of your usual legal framework. In addition, the BTC is subject to stronger fluctuations than usual currencies. Please note the BTC exchange rate to maximize your profits. A KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure will be introduced as part of a license purchase to accept Fiat currencies.

Payouts of Bitcoin prizes

The system allows you to pay out your balance at any time. This will be done automatically within minutes. With the balance in your balance, you can also make additional investments at any time. If you decide to cancel a package, the amount (less a drawdown lump sum if applicable) will be credited to your balance. We would also like to point out that a package does not generate a return when cancelled. Canceled packages will be paid out as soon as possible within the next 90 days, without any additional fees. The 90 days serve a maximum time, under no circumstances the regular waiting time. Probably a cancelled package will be paid out within the next 7 to 14 days. Without deduction of fees.

Profit & loss on Bitcoin trading

As mentioned above, 5Line Capital only charges fees on your weekly winnings. The commission is between 39% - 12% depending on the volume of your investment. 5Line Capital aims for a weekly performance of 2,5% on your invested capital and charges its commission only on the weekly winnings. Whenever a higher performance is achieved, 5Line Capitals will pass it on to you. The performance is not limited. 

weekly return of 2.5%

Possible losses are compensated by your investment (active packages), therefore the value of your investment may decrease in the long run, but the conditions selected by you depending on your package remain valid. Example:

1. You have a $90 (in BTC) package invested.
2. The weekly yield is minus two percent (-2.0%)
3. The loss for this $90 package in this case is $1.80.
4. The residual value of your active investment is $88.20 (in BTC)
5. Future percent returns will be credited to this value.

5Line Capital Affiliate System

5Line Capital does not advertise actively. The company wants to grow continuously by word of mouth. Therefore, it offers up to 37% of the in-house commission (NOT the returns) back to the investors within the framework of a 6-tier affiliate system.

About 5Line Capital

The people behind the 5Line Capital project are a consortium of experienced people from different sectors of the economy. Among them are engineers, economic experts, IT specialists and of course those who have experienced all the highs and lows of the crypto scene. Due to the up and down ́s of many HYIP programs lasting for many years for many years 5Line Capital es made it its business to develop a genuine alternative investment opportunity.

Theme: License

5Line Capital does not (yet) own a financial license, which makes it possible to officially operate an "asset management". From a German point of view, this is not necessary at the moment, as the currently valid ruling stipulates that Bitcoin is neither a financial instrument nor a unit of account, which would require a corresponding financial license according to the German Banking Act. However, it is clear that this area is currently simply unregulated and will certainly change in the near future.

Questions and Answers

Interview with a founding member of 5Line Capital

Theme License - do you have a license?
Answer: We currently do not have a license for international asset management. BTC is currently not considered money. Both in Germany and globally there is no uniform regulation, so it is still a grey zone. However, the company based in Nevis may officially trade in crypto currencies. Since St. Kitts & Nevis is an independent state and therefore its legislation applies, the work with Bitcoin is harmless. It is also possible without special permission to operate financial intermediation as well as asset management. The operation of snowball systems or so-called Ponzi schemes (HYIPs) is also prohibited in St. Kitts & Nevis. Since we do not do this however and also at any time appropriate authorities on demands to show can, we have no doubts.

To prevent legal problems with BaFin & Co, the website and backend will be available in English only. In order not to play the hands of BaFin & Co., so that they can act as the police of the financial world, we will not establish the German language. For the near future an own international financial license is planned to be able to offer worldwide also with Fiat currency "Asset Management". Also here we must adhere to certain rules like no German language, observance of sanctions, etc. to be allowed to offer this legally.

Will there be KYC (Know Your Client/Customer)?:
At the beginning there will be no KYC as this is not necessary. But at the latest with the financial license we are obliged to do this. So we should expect this for the future. Note: It might be possible to fill in the KYC only obligatory for those who want to work with Fiat currency. If you stay in the Crypto area, this may not be necessary. This point must then be clarified again in the details lawyer.

What is the minimum investment for 5Line Capital?
The minimum investment is 90,-$ converted into Bitcoin.

Theme Ref-Jäger Sperre:
The minimum investment of 90,-$ is at the same time the prerequisite to unlock the affiliate levels 1-4. This should leave out the pure Ref hunters.

What deposits and withdrawals are there?
All transactions take place in BTC. Deposits, trading and withdrawals are made exclusively in BTC. There is no conversion of the BTC into Fiat currency.

How long is the runtime of the packages? The runtime of the packages is unlimited.

Can I cancel the packages?
The packages can be cancelled at any time. It may take up to 90 days for the package content to be credited in its balance. However, we will do our best to credit these amounts as soon as possible and make them available for payment. (Key point: Risk assessment for remaining investment community)

Can I upgrade the packages?
From three same investment packages an upgrade to a higher one is possible to have to pay less commission.

Is there an insurance that protects my invested capital from total loss?
No, it will not. Perhaps sometime, but for now, as well as in the near future in any case not.

Can I have more than one account? (Keyword: "Multiaccounts")
It is possible to create multiple accounts, but only one account per person. So it's possible that everyone in a family has their own account, but it's not allowed that one person has multiple accounts to either get a few more percent, or knowingly harm their sponsor. Apart from possible KYC problems in the future, we reserve the right to block such multi accounts. So we ask for a fair-use principle.

Is there a payout limit?
No, there will be no payout limit.

How quickly do I receive my payout?
As a rule within minutes. Each payout is processed immediately and automatically. There are only the usual blockchain fees for the transaction. We do not charge any fees ourselves.

Profits / Percentages, will be added to the BTC or to a Fiat currency?
All profits or percentages will be added to the deposited BTC value. So there is a percentage increase of the BTC number. This has advantages, but also disadvantages. (Key point: price fluctuations with additional gains or losses, increased risk during trading due to fluctuation, etc.)

Are 2.5% the minimum return?
No, there is no minimum return. The 2.5% refers to our target. We cannot guarantee winnings. Losses are a normal part of this business. An equity fund will also make losses over the course of a year. What counts is what the bottom line has been for a performance within a year. We have to be aware that because of the concept we are very fast moving and investors get feedback very quickly on how the money is used. But this also means that they have to be tolerant and trustworthy and not fear the end of the world at the first sign of a loss. A week can be closed with 5% minus (in the worst case even a total loss of the respective trading account or even all at the same time), but it can also be that 7% can be earned in a week. The profit as well as loss is passed on 1 to 1.

Will there be your own prepaid credit card?
No. There will be no prepaid credit card at the beginning and in the near future. On the one hand for it the necessary conditions must be created and on the other hand there are already very many offerers at the market, which one can avail oneself of.

How does the Affiliate System work?
The Affiliate System is based on a profit sharing of the directly and indirectly recruited partners. There are none head bonuses, different ranks or other additional features. The commission of the profit sharing is paid out of the shares of the previously retained commission of the company. The following example illustrates the functionality.

Affiliate System Example:
- You referred me (A referred B)
- I have a $90 package (B has a $90 package)
- Now 2% profit is made in the week
- That's $1.80 profit.
- Of this $1.80 profit, the operator retains 39%, so = $0.70
- Of this $0.70 the operator has earned, 37% now go away as follows:

Distribution of commission to levels
- Level 1 receives A (for B because B is his direct partner) 10% = $ 0,07
- Level 2 receives A (B has recruited C) 7% = $ 0,05
- Level 3 A gets (C has recruited D) 5% = $ 0,04
- Level 4 A gets (D has recruited E) 5% = $ 0,04
- Level 5 A gets (E has recruited F) 5% = $ 0,04
- Level 6 A gets (F has recruited G) 5% = $ 0,04

As you can see, the commission is only a few cents. But these commissions are there as long as the own investment and that of the recruited are active with each cycle which is settled positively. One is not dependent thus on the fact that a partner buys if possible weekly new packages around thereby commissions to receive. This system may not be very useful in detail, but it can definitely be worth it for those who specialize in recommendation marketing. Nevertheless, this is a fair and above all, sustainably functioning commission model.

Topic Inheritance
At the beginning the account can be passed on, important is only that the "new" user also has access to the email, due to the 2fa codes. Otherwise it is not possible to make payouts. As soon as KYC comes into play, there will certainly be a possibility, but what it looks like and what we have to stick to, we will consult with the lawyers.

What makes 5Line different?
Except that the whole concept is worked out so that it works, not much. Ultimately, 5Line is a kind of investment community with the aim to invest easily in one central place and at the same time to invest diversified in different investment types (in our first form the traders). The selection of traders, signals and EA's is based on in-depth analysis. The so-called CopyTrading ensures that the funds are never "out of hand".  (Note: Copy trading is well known through Roboforex, but Roboforex is not the only access point to traders and is only "so well known" because it offers an affiliate system and the "advertisers" can earn with it.)

Roadmap, plans for the future?
As one of the most important goals in the near future is the separate company name with the corresponding international financial license in order to be able to work also worldwide legally with Fiat currency. The preparations for it were already met.

  • Implementation of the weekly trades
  • design revision & backend, affiliate view

Theme MLM - Multilevel Marketing

Why are these exaggerated affiliate systems always made? I don't know of any system that made and survived multiple commission levels.

You're right, often they don't look serious because such a system was often "abused". With 5Line, however, there is no direct commission through advertising, but a profit share. And this profit share is paid from the income (The retained commission) of the operator.

- You recruited me
- I have a $90,- package
- Now 2% profit is earned in the week
- That's $1.80 profit.
- Of this $1.80 profit, the operator retains 39%, so = $0.70
- Of this $0.70 (100%) that the operator has earned, 37% now go away as follows:

  1. level (so you yourself, because you recruited me and I am your direct partner) = 0.07 $ (10%)
  2. level (so the one who has recruited you, for this I am in his second level, gets so = 0,05 $(7%)
  3. level (again one level higher) gets = 0,04$ (5%)
  4. level = 0.04$ (5%)
  5. level = 0.04$ (5%)
  6. level = 0.04$ (5%)

It would even be possible to build such a system over 100 levels, but the bonuses would be very small and that this would be really exaggerated, I think without question ?

To answer your question about a direct commission on a deal: With a direct commission you would receive $10 from a $90 package of your referral as an example, but then in fact there would only be $80 left. With the 80$ we would then start trading and any winnings would have that 80$ as percentage base. But the investor himself would still have $90 in his dashboard, because he invested $90.

But if instead we also write to the investor that of his $90, $10 goes to his sponsor, this may be okay for some, but many will think: "Why does someone else get a share of my money now?". ? We think that with our current solution we have found a good and above all working, sustainable way.

Note: The above figures in dollars are for explanation only and are rounded. We work exclusively with BTC currently.

Many thanks for the interview and answers to all our questions. 



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